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Spray Foam Insulation with Graco Reactor 2 E-30

The Graco Reactor 2 E-30 spray foam insulation equipment was meticulously designed to provide the application processes and results that the materials manufacturers intended in the first place. What this means for you is increased control and increased productivity all with one cutting edge piece of spray foam equipment. The Reactor 2 E-30 options are available with a selection between 10 and 15 kw heaters, as well as both standard and elite models. Units can be purchased alone or as part of a package with a Fusion CS, Fusion AP or Probler P2 Graco Spray Gun. Packages also included a whip and heated hose, mixing chamber if applicable and hose wrap with elite packages including an upgrade to X-Treme wrap scuff guard for the heated hose.

Both elite and standard Reactor 2 E-30 models provide consistent spraying results and provides a precise application by storing up to 24 recipe combinations and an expedited heating process- which means less down time and more time spraying. Troubleshooting has also been streamlined with the use of QR codes, which link to online resources that provide detailed information and fixes for virtually any error code. In addition, the electronics are at the system’s cabinet top, allowing for much easier access in the event that you need to service. The Advanced Display Module (ADM) can be set to track project information and the system itself can be programmed per specific application details to alert you if materials are low or if pressure becomes off balance.

Make the investment in your current fleet and foster future growth with all of the features that the Graco Reactor 2 line of spray foam equipment has to offer. Not only are performance and time saving features standard, but the option to include Graco InSite technology means that you can focus on growing your business and still give the attention to detail that your crews need, wherever you are. Let the Intech Experts provide information and details today! For polyurea, visit the Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 line of products.