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Graco Fusion CS Spray Foam Guns

Graco Equipment has a reputation in the spray foam and coatings industries for manufacturing dependable, reliable products that are built to last. The consistency and performance of Graco products is also why Intech Equipment and Supply is one of the top distributors of Graco products in North America, ranking inside the Top 20 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The Graco Fusion CS spray gun line is yet another great example of the design and reliability that can be expected from Graco Equipment.

At Intech Equipment & Supply our job is to make your job easier. And with the wide range of options available in the Graco Fusion CS line, we decided to take Graco’s brochure list of Fusion CS guns, and made it interactive. Take a look at the image below, and click any Graco part number to be taken directly to that product page where you can view product information and details, product price or add the product to your shopping cart. If you can’t find the specific Graco Fusion CS spray foam gun that you are looking for, or you’re having problems with your current spray gun, our pros would be more than willing to provide immediate assistance.

The Graco Fusion CS Spray Foam Gun is a contractor favorite for many reasons, most notably being the reduction in cleaning and downtime. Graco’s Clear Shot technology and disposable cartridge keeps the mix chamber clear, saving you the headache and valuable hours of cleaning and maintenance after every time you spray. Flow settings on the Graco Fusion CS are also customizable, and allow for up to ten different selections.

Build your perfect Graco Fusion CS Spray Foam Gun today with easily interchangeable parts and expert service at Intech Equipment and Supply. Spend more time spraying and less time cleaning with the Graco Fusion CS.

Gun Mix Chamber/Tip Pattern at 24 in (61cm) from target Polyurea in GPM @ 2000 psi Foam in lb/min @ 1000 psi
 Fusion CS Round    
CS02RD  RD2020  5 in (127 mm)  0.5 gpm   3 lb/min
CS00RD  RD0000   8 in (203 mm)  1.1 gpm   7 lb/min
CS01RD  RD0101   11 in (279 mm)  1.6 gpm   9 lb/min
CS02RD  RD0202   12 in (305 mm)  2.4 gpm   14 lb/min
CS03RD  RD0303   14 in (356 mm)  N/A   19 lb/min
246105  AR8686   18 in (457 mm)  NA    35 lb/min
Gun Mix Chamber/Tip Pattern at 24 in (61cm) from target Polyurea in GPM @ 2000 psi Foam in ln/min @ 1000 psi
 Fusion CS Wide Round    
CS22WD  WD2222  8 in (203 mm)  0.5 gpm   4.5 lb/min
CS00WD  WD0000   15 in (381 mm)  1.1 gpm   7 lb/min
CS01WD  WD0101   16 in (406 mm)  1.6 gpm   9 lb/min
CS02WD  WD0202   18 in (457 mm)  2.4 gpm   14 lb/min
CS03WD  WD0303   18 in (457 mm)  NA   19 lb/min
Gun Mix Chamber/Tip Pattern at 24 in (61cm) from target Polyurea in GPM @ 2000 psi Foam in ln/min @ 1000 psi
 Fusion CS Flat    
CS20F1  FL2020 W/FT0424  10 in (254 mm)  0.5 gpm   3 lb/min
CS20F2   FL2020 W/FT0438  10 in (254 mm)  0.6 gpm   3 lb/min
CS00F1   FL0000 W/FT0424  10 in (254 mm)  1.0 gpm   6 lb/min
CS00F2   FL0000 W/FT0438  10 in (254 mm)  1.2 gpm   7 lb/min
CS00F3   FL0000 W/FT0624  14 in (356 mm)  1.0 gpm   6 lb/min
CS00F4   FL0000 W/FT0638  14 in (356 mm)  1.2 gpm   7 lb/min
CS00F5   FL0000 W/FT0838  18 in (457 mm)  1.2 gpm   7 lb/min
CS00F6   FL0000 W/FT0848  18 in (457 mm)  1.2 gpm   7 lb/min
CS01F1   FL0101 W/FT0424  10 in (254 mm)  1.0 gpm   6 lb/min
CS01F2   FL0101 W/FT0438  10 in (254 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS01F3   FL0101 W/FT0624  14 in (356 mm)  1.0 gpm   6 lb/min
CS01F4   FL0101 W/FT0638  14 in (356 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS01F5   FL0101 W/FT0838  18 in (457 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS01F6   FL0101 W/FT0848  18 in (457 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS02F1   FL0202 W/FT0424  10 in (254 mm)  1.0 gpm   6 lb/min
CS02F2   FL0202 W/FT0438  10 in (254 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS02F3   FL0202 W/FT0624  14 in (356 mm)  1.0 gpm   6 lb/min
CS02F4   FL0202 W/FT0638  14 in (356 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS02F5   FL0202 W/FT0838  18 in (457 mm)  1.3 gpm   9 lb/min
CS02F6   FL0202 W/FT0848  18 in (457 mm)  1.8 gpm   12 lb/min