Comparing the PMC PH-25 and PH-40 Spray Foam Proportioners

By Kevin Malone

For contractors, getting the right size and fit spray foam machine is essential. There is always a trade-off you have to make in price and performance. While you may want to buy a high-end proportioner to handle any job, you also have to weigh the cost versus the type of jobs you do.

When you are looking at the PMC PH-25 spray foam machine vs. the PMC PH-40 spray foam machine, there is plenty to like about both models.

PMC Spray Foam Proportioner Design

PMC spray foam proportioners are designed for ease of use. With both models, PMC eliminated the use of circuit boards to reduce points of failure. Spray foam machines also feature an open-frame design that makes accessing and swapping components easy. Each component uses point-to-point wiring, making it easy to change out and connect. The reversing system is driven by proximity switches and solid-state relays, significantly reducing maintenance.

Another example of how PMC has designed its proportioners to reduce downtime involves the thermocouple, which can be replaced without removing the temperature sensing unit (TSU), saving significant time.

The PMC PH-25 spray foam machine, and the PMC PH-40 spray foam machine both include an Auto Shut Down Counter, which stops the machine before the drums run empty. This helps prevent potential cavitation or spraying off-ratio materials. Operators can adjust the counter based on their preferences.

Both units also feature:

  • Pressure balance control (PBC)
  • Inlet monitoring system
  • Opposed piston metering pumps
  • Digital automatic temperature control
  • Heater, pressure range, and ratio options
  • Automatic ISO lube systems
  • Hose heat tap setting
  • Individual “A” and “R” hybrid heaters

PMC PH-25 and PH-40 Side-by-Side Comparison

Look at how the PMC PH-25 spray foam machine and the PMC PH-40 spray foam machine line up in this side-by-side comparison.




Best Used For

Residential foam insulation and light to medium-sized commercial coating applications

High output plural component coating applications for medium to large-scale commercial coatings


30 lbs/min and 1.9 gpm coatings

40 lbs/min and 2.8 gpm coatings

Max Working Pressure

2000 psi

2000 psi

Max Hose Length

310 ft

410 ft

Heater Wattage

8,000 watts Total (Dual)

10,000 watts Total (Dual)

12,000 watts Total (Dual)

15,000 watts Total (Dual)

18,000 watts Total (Dual)

21,000 watts Total (Dual)

Hose Heating Power

90 volts

120 volts

Max Fluid Temperature

190 F (87.7 C)

190 F (87.7 C)


500 lbs

555 lbs


230V – Three Phase

40A–8,000W heaters

45A–10,000W heaters

50A–12,000W heaters


Main Voltage

3 x 208-230V, 50/60 Hz,

3 x 380V, 50/60 Hz

15 KW Heaters
67 amps @ 3 x 230V

116 amps @ 1 x 230V


18KW Heaters
75 amps @ 3 x 230V

129 amps @ 1 x 230V


21KW Heaters
82 amps @ 3 x 230V
142 amps @1 x 230V


The PH Series is also available in 380 Voltage.

Both PMC spray foam proportioners also come in the PHX series for high-output applications. The PHX-25 and the PHX-40 both operate at 3,000 psi.

PMC Spray Foam Machine Warranties

PMC spray foam machines are American-made to exacting standards. They carry a limited warranty, for original purchasers, against defects in material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

Other PMC Spray Foam Machine Options

PMC offers additional models in its product line, including the compact PJ-25 (25 lbs/min), lightweight PH-2 (28 lbs/min), and heavy-duty PH-55 (55 lbs./min.).

Getting the right spray foam machine for your business is crucial. If you have too small a unit, you may not have the capacity to handle higher-volume jobs. However, you do not want to pay for capacity you will never use.


If you are unsure which model best fits your business, reach out to the spray foam experts at Intech Equipment & Supply. Our staff has more than 150 years of combined experience in the residential and commercial SPF roofing. Our certified experts can help you find the right fit for your spray foam business.

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