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By Kevin Malone

How To Find a Spray Foam Equipment Supplier YouCan Trust

Finding a spray foam equipment supplier that you can trust is becoming harder in the digital age. In 2019, one can get search-engine approved recommendations in seconds, but what are these organizations' credentials? In short, what should you look for in a spray foam equipment provider? According to our recent eBook, the Top 5 considerations for Spray Foam Equipment, we discuss what attributes in a supplier are beneficial to clients just like you.

These include:

  1. Nationwide footprint and easy accessibility
  2. Customer service
  3. Lower total cost of ownership
  4. Warranty
  5. Spray Foam Rig Insurance

What do these features entail, and why shouldclients choose a vendor with these attributes over other suppliers?

Nationwide Footprint and EasyAccessibility

You may find a supplier with great prices andservice, but they have only a few shipment locations, and it takes days or evenweeks to send your goods. This lack of nearby locations is a problem whendelays happen, and you don't have the tools you need. However, a supplier withmany shipping points around the nation can get you equipment in a day or two,or even rush parts on the same day.

Intech Equipment has many shipment locationsacross North America. This allows us to deliver parts and equipment to anywherein the country within a day. Unlike other distributors that have a distributioncenter just on the east or west coast, we can reach customers around the nationquickly. Also, this proximity allows us to provide in-person technicalassistance and support.

Customer Service

There is a big difference between a supplierwho sells cheap items for a quick buck and one who offers a deep knowledge oftheir products. Customers only find real value in a supplier who can help themin a time of need, not one that hires novices to repeat the same rote scripts.

At Intech, we offer a premium, knowledgeablecustomer service experience. Not only do we provide fast shipping, but we canalso troubleshoot your equipment over the phone or in person. It doesn't matterwhere your business is, because we have locations in every time zone in NorthAmerica. With a major distributor, it can take days for your calls to bereturned, and even longer for a resolution to your problem. 

Total Cost of Ownership

When it comes to spray foam equipment, you truly get what you pay for. Big distributors can price their goods low, but it's often difficult to get them on the phone to help you with repairs. When your equipment isn't functional, you aren't working, which means delayed projects. The consequences of this kind of delay are multifaceted. While you're also dealing with dissatisfied clients, you may also be responsible for employees and their wages. Not being able to get paid for an unfinished job can put your business in jeopardy.

Intech has locations throughout the country togive you in-person assistance within a day, send parts overnight, and even walkyou through the troubleshooting and repairs over the phone. Contractors who workwith us are back to work in a day, and that means they're back to earningmoney.


A supplier that offers a warranty stands by their products. If you encounter one that doesn't offer this kind of guarantee, then it's best to keep searching for a better provider. Intech offers warranties for many products in stock. Intech's team of experts makes it easy to take care of your equipment and get you back to working order as soon as possible -- at no cost to you!

Insurance Coverage and Protection

An overlooked issue in the SPF industry isinsurance for a spray foam rig. The majority of rig builders don't offerinsurance coverage and protection. Some of the companies who provide rigs maynot be stable and can be elusive with phone calls or even go bankrupt.

However, Intech is a stable company that has been in operation for more than 20 years. We insure our rigs so that if you need to repair or replace it, you will be protected from the massive costs involved. Both our new and used rigs are protected under insurance plans.

Intech Is A Reliable Spray FoamEquipment Supplier

Intech Equipment & Supply is afull-service spray foam insulationdealer that distributes parts from numerous locations in North America.

Contact us to see how our expertise in spray foam machines, guns, and accessories make a big difference.

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