How to Find and Buy Used Spray Foam Equipment for Sale

By Kevin Malone

It is smart to cut costs in business wherever you can, which is why many spray foam contractors consider used equipment to be a better option. If you can find used spray foam equipment for sale that has been well-maintained, and you buy from a reputable company like Intech Equipment and Supply, you win because you get what you need and save money. This is how to find used spray foam equipment ? and what to buy.

How To Find Used Spray Foam Equipment For Sale

Finding used spray foam equipment for sale is easy. Search engines populate a list of vendors and private ads that offer used spray foam equipment, often at very attractive prices.

Contractors who need new equipment, but are on a tight budget are easily drawn to these offers. However, it is important to choose spray foam equipment carefully to ensure you do not end up wasting money in the long run. These are three tips to follow when buying used equipment.

  • Get as much information as you can from the seller about the equipment. If the seller cannot provide a detailed maintenance history, then you have no proof that the spray foam machine has been cleaned regularly and well-maintained. If you decide to buy the equipment without complete maintenance and repair information, you should have confidence in your ability to troubleshoot and fix any problems that may arise.
  • Test the equipment to be sure it works. A reputable seller will have no problem proving that the machinery is functional. You should also check that the owner refurbished the equipment with high-quality replacement parts that ensure durability, not just make 'patch up' repairs using temporary parts.
  • Check replacement part availability. Once you have verified that the spray foam machine works, contact the manufacturer to confirm that replacement parts are available. Since used equipment is older, it is more likely to need tune-ups more frequently than new equipment. So, you need to know that replacement parts will be available when you need them.If you learn that some replacement parts will be discontinued soon, stock up on the ones you know you will need so you have then in your rig.

An individual seller may not be able to offer these assurances. However, when you buy from a reputable company that represents top manufacturers such as Graco, PMC and Carlisle?like Intech Equipment and Supply, you do not need to be concerned about these problems.

What Should you Buy?

If you asked the experts at Intech what type of used equipment you should buy, you would be directed to the online store where you could see a full array of top-brand used spray foam equipment for sale. They would take the time to answer any questions, help you choose items that fit your business needs and budget and show you used spray foam rigs for sale, if you were interested.

If you buy equipment from a brand that offers little support or buy a machine that is too old to be covered by a standard warranty, the chances of you getting the most out of your used equipment are slim. Therefore, Intech advises against buying spray foam equipment for sale from obscure manufacturers or machines that are so old that replacement parts may not be readily available.

The Intech online store has a large selection of spray foam equipment for sale as well as parts and accessories from reputable brands. So, you will also find used spray foam rigs for sale along with heated hoses, safety equipment, compressors and other items. Therefore, you can buy anything you need with 100% confidence.

Need Used Gear For Touch-Ups? Use Spray Foam Kits.

If you are looking for used spray foam equipment for sale as a backup to supplement your main spray foam machine or for touch-up work, you should also consider one-time-use spray foam kits. For example, the Touch and Seal Foam Kit U2-600 produces around 600 board feet of 1.75 lb density, closed-cell spray foam. Everything you need, including an applicator gun and assembly wrench, comes pre-packaged and the spray foam dries in less than 60 seconds. This makes small applications and repairs easy and eliminates the need to start up a larger spray foam machine.

Used Spray Foam Equipment for Sale At Intech Equipment & Supply

If you are interested in finding used spray foam rigs for sale, speak with our sales team today. And until December 2020, remember that you can take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Contact our team to discuss your unique equipment and accessory needs.

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