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PMC Equipment

PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation) is a leading manufacturer of spray foam and coatings equipment. The company has been creating high-quality products for the urethane industry for more than 100 years, and has earned an impeccable reputation over that time.

PMC creates a variety of spray foam and coating equipment, including proportioning machines, spray foam guns, transfer pumps and other essential spray foam equipment for roofing contractors. The company develops innovative new products based on insights gathered from contractors and other industry professionals.

Best-selling PMC equipment

Intech Equipment & Supply is proud to be a top distributor of PMC products, including these proportioner models:

PH40 Proportioner

PH40 Proportioner

Designed to be both economical and applicator-friendly, this PH series model offers the professional even more value and basic contractor rugged design. The electrical console has been re-designed to eliminate the use of delicate circuit boards and displays.

AP-2 Spray Guns

AP-2 Spray Guns

The PMC AP-2 spray gun is lightweight, and comes with a coating on the outside to make cleaning the gun as easy of a process as possible. The AP-2 is one of the lightest and lowest priced air purge spray guns on the market.

New PH-2 models now available

The company recently introduced a new series of plural component proportioners designed to offer the ultimate combination of performance and value. Their PH-2 models offer an extremely cost-efficient hydraulic proportioner; in fact, they are the most affordable option for a hydraulic proportioner with horizontal pumps.

You can browse through the wide inventory of PMC spray foam equipment available in ouronline store at Intech Equipment & Supply.



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