Commercial Spray Foam Rigs and Insulation Kits for 2021

By Kevin Malone

Your commercial spray foam rig should be set up to handle high-demand spray foamapplications. The type of trailer and equipment that you own can affect theoutcome of your projects. Having the right amount of spray foam machines andcorresponding equipment for your job types is key to ensure good results.

Your rig should include commercialspray foam insulation kits because big jobsoften need last-minute touch-ups. If you have a small machine or touch-up kitin your rig you can take care of this type of work and keep your big equipmentpowered off. This promises a longer life for your main equipment while savingyou time.

If you need assistancewith customizing a new commercial spray foam rig, our team at Intech can helpyou create a new equipment setup that optimizes your processes. These are ourtop picks for commercial spray foam rigs.

Trailer and Vehicle Choices

Commercial rigstypically use gooseneck trailers or box trucks, as opposed to mini rigs thatare typical of small residential rigs. If your setup can fit in a mid-sizedtrailer, you can save money by using a box truck or a shorter trailer. Thissetup is more compact and is preferred by contractors who work in areas wherethere is limited space.

If you need premiumsuspension and power to navigate uneven terrain, select a vehicle that has theproper specs for your needs. By knowing your equipment, trailer, and vehicleneeds, you can customize a rig package that works for the types of projects youtypically do.

Output and Other Equipment Needs

When configuring acommercial insulation rig, you need to determine how much pressure you need.While residential jobs usually require lower output spray foam equipment,commercial jobs require much more material and therefore need higher outputhydraulic machines. This means longer hose lengths and high-performance gearsuch as transfer pumps, diesel generators, multiple spray foam guns, and amplestorage space for extra material drums, safety gear, and replacement parts.

Commercial spray foam rigs should be equipped to spray hundreds to thousands ofsquare feet of spray foam. You should feel self-sufficient and ready to workfor the long haul when you're out with this rig. A specialized commercial setupshould also be able to apply different coating materials, especially if you doother types of work such as commercial roofing projects.

Interstate Diesel Spray Foam Rig

If you need offshorepower with a punch, you need a rig with a diesel generator. The Interstate Diesel Spray Foam Rig hasthe commercial kit you need to stay productive. We know you have no time towaste. So this package is easy to set up so you are ready to spray immediately.If you need help getting started, your purchase includes FREE factory training.

The Interstate Series is a customizable spray foam rig that is designed for a contractor with an over 40-hour workweek. It is big ? the 16' extended height trailer can be outfitted with a variety of our favorite equipment packages with machines like the Graco E-20, PMC PH40, or the Carlisle's IntelliSpray system.

It has been our bestseller for the past 10 years and it will not let you down. It is fullyoutfitted for high-performance work and is so customizable you will not need toupgrade components unless your business undergoes significant changes. Thislong-term solution is a smart investment that provides years of dependableservice and quality results.

Pro Series Spray Foam Rig

The Pro Series Rig is another customizable rigthat is specially designed for commercial and industrial contractors. This rigpackage can include a truck or trailer, which can then be customized toaccommodate anything from a single to triple proportioner layout. We prideourselves on this rig's ergonomic layout and multi-zone climate control thatmakes spray foam work a breeze. When you want full control over your rig andknow what you want, this is the professional addition your business needs.

Just Need a Touch-Up? Keep a Kit on Standby.

When you have ahigh-powered rig, it can be frustrating to power up an entire system to make afew touch-ups. The final walkthrough on any project often results in somelast-minute touch-up requests. So make the most of your time by using adisposable spray foam insulation kit. We highly recommend Touch n'seal kits for all your smalltasks. This product consistently delivers great results without wasting yourtime or the generator's energy.

We have Touch n'sealspray foam insulation kits in different sizes and densities to suit multipleapplication scenarios so you are always prepared to perform quick touch-ups.You can even use the kit while your team shuts down your main rigs and to fill inany cracks and cavities that escaped your notice. The application curescompletely in only minutes so you can move on to your next task without anyworries.

Commercial Spray Foam Rigs and Insulation Kits for Sale AtIntech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply offers the latest spray foam equipment, training, and comprehensive customer support. If you are interested in obtaining a commercial spray foam rigor a used rig, speak with our sales team today. Also, take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Contact us.Our team is ready to meet your commercial spray foam rig, equipment and accessory needs.

About Kevin Malone
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