Graco Spray Foam Rigs for 2023

By Kevin Malone

Graco spray foam rigs are a favorite among contractors because of their consistent delivery and flexible application. When it comes to durability, you cannot beat Graco.

Creating and applying spray foam is a complex process that requires precise mixing, temperature control, and ratios in the most demanding environments. Graco has been in business since the 1920s, and every model gets better and better.

If you are looking for a portable or entry-level spray foam rig, two of the most popular choices on the market in 2023 are the Graco E-20 spray foam rig and the Graco A-25 spray foam rig. Both are versatile units and ideal for small spraying jobs, touch-ups, rim-joists, and any job that requires portability from on-site use to in-factory settings.

While both machines are considered entry-level, make no mistake. These are high-quality, serious spray foam machines for commercial and industrial contractors. With the right care and maintenance, these machines will last for years and do a great job for you.

Here’s how the two spray foam machines stack up.

Graco E-20 Spray Foam Rig

The Graco E-20 spray foam rig provides robust control for spraying insulation for low- to medium-output applications. With material data and a host of system diagnostics, the Graco E-20 spray foam insulation rig can apply up to 20 pounds per minute with a maximum working pressure of 2000 psi.

Features include:

  • Hybrid heaters for precise temperature control
  • Modular heater controls to optimize uptime
  • Hose heat transformers that do not require tap settings
  • Circulation valves with longer-lasting seals
  • Quick knockdown lower pumps to make maintenance easier
  • Digital heat and pressure controls

The Graco Reactor E-20 is easy to maneuver on its wheeled cart and comes in three different voltage packages: 230 V / 1 phase, 230V / 3 phase, and 400V / 3 phase.

Graco A-25 Spray Foam Rig

The Graco A-25 spray foam rig maintains consistent temperature control even when spraying at a maximum flow rate to produce a higher-quality foam or coating application. The Graco A-25 spray foam rig can apply up to 25 pounds per minute with a maximum working pressure of 2000 psi.

Features include:

  • Temperature setpoints for better yield
  • Hybrid heater for optimal temperature control
  • Consistent output pressure to produce uniform spray patterns
  • Resettable DataTrak control counter to monitor material usage
  • Recirculation manifold enables fast and easy balancing of system pressure
  • Quick knockdown lower pumps to make maintenance easier
  • IUSO pump lube system to prevent isocyanate crystallization on seals and shaft

The NXT air motor in the Reactor A-25 consumes less air, increasing efficiency. The air valve accommodates smooth and rapid changeover and the muffler reduces operating noise levels.

The Graco A-25 spray foam insulation rig also features three independent heat zones with digital temperature controls:

  • ISO
  • Resin
  • Heated hose

Three heat zones provide accurate control to handle different chemical viscosities.

You can get the A-25 bare or with DataTrak and wheels.

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