Why the Best Spray Foam Rigs Have Graco Equipment

By Kevin Malone

In the spray foam industry, many competing manufacturers take pride in their equipment offerings. However, in a competitive market, there will always be brands that lead the pack with solutions that are especially customer-oriented. This reputation is hard-earned through consistent quality and a refusal to be complacent after gaining success.

Graco is a leading brand in the spray foam industry for its consistent quality and progression toward bettering its equipment to improve spray foam applications. After launching its game-changing Reactor series of spray foam machines, SPF contractors around the world have benefitted from the brand's subsequent improvements on this already efficient family of proportioners. Needless to say, the best spray foam rigs often have Graco equipment ? whether it is a hybrid or 100% Graco product setup.

Why do the best spray foam rigs have Graco equipment? Today we will get into the two main reasons why Graco equipment appears in countless SPF rig setups.

Graco Ensures the Best Outcomes

A successful business is profitable and has a good reputation. Therefore, before all other reasons, your profit and quality of work come first. Graco's over 100 years of experience in construction has gained the confidence of contractors around the world, especially since the brand pioneered more advanced SPF applications through its Reactor series of spray foam machines. The best spray foam rigs have Graco equipment that ensures the lowest cost of ownership while protecting your reputation as a contractor.

Graco = Low Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of spray foam equipment plays a large role in whether your business prospers or barely breaks even. Graco's cost of ownership calculator breaks down the six factors that determine how much a piece of equipment 'costs.' Overall, Graco equipment has a higher initial cost but ensures savings in all other areas that result in a lower total cost of ownership compared to other brands:

  1. Initial Cost: This is the total cost of your equipment upon purchase. Though the upfront cost can seem high, it makes up about 10% of your TCO in the long run.
  2. Cost of Operation: This includes the cost to install and test the spray pump and train employees, as well as the cost of energy to operate the equipment. The cost of training increases with the complexity of the machine. Thankfully, affordable and accessible spray foam training courses from Intech can help with these costs. 
  3. Cost of Maintenance: This includes the cost of regular repairs, for example:
    1. Cleaning equipment
    1. Inspections
    1. Lubrication
    1. Preventative maintenance
    1. Reactive maintenance if equipment breaks down unexpectedly
  1. Cost of Downtime: When work is delayed for any reason, it raises the labor costs of employees and supervisors. Stopping to address unexpected breakdowns can result in lost production, missed deadlines, and unhappy clients. Too much downtime can even cost you customers.
  2. Cost of Production: The quality and output capabilities of your spray pump significantly influence this statistic. For example, a high output pump with safeguards against incorrect ratios will have lower costs of production vs. a pump with low output and inconsistent results. 
  3. Remaining Value: Your spray foam machine's longevity is another significant influencer in its lifetime value. Its total worth in five or 10 years determines how much you can recoup if you decide to sell it in the future. However, a machine that breaks down in just a few years, or one that quickly declines in value, will increase your cost of ownership. Well-made and in-demand equipment from Graco is more reliable, which helps in retaining value.

You can certainly spend less money on a lower-quality machine, but you end up with a higher cost of ownership due to more downtime and the need to replace it more frequently. By using equipment from Graco, you can ensure fewer interruptions and better results without needing to replace equipment frequently.

Graco Rigs Meet Rigorous Standards

Graco holds standards for suppliers to meet their Top 20 Distributor List, and it likewise holds its equipment to rigorous qualifications. Though Graco's Reactor systems were already a cut above the rest, the brand continued to find more ways to improve the series by producing the Reactor 2 series, which is compatible with remote operation and data reporting. In this series, there are countless safeguards to ensure proper ratio and pressure settings so that the quality of spray foam is top-notch.

Intech Equipment and Supply has been a Top 20 Distributor for years, offering excellent customer support with Graco spray foam equipment. Most of our spray foam rigs come with Graco equipment because we know how much contractors benefit from its quality. We can also customize any rig to include the equipment you prefer in different types of trailers to meet your needs.

Graco Spray Rigs for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment and Supply is proud to offer the latest spray foam insulation technology for all your contracting needs, big or small. If you are interested in buying Graco spray rigs, speak with our sales team today. Also, take advantage of our convenient financing options. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Contact Intech Equipment & Supply today. Our team is ready to meet your unique equipment and accessory needs.

About Kevin Malone
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