Graco Unveils Remote Reporting Technology

Graco introduced a new service this week that will makes things more convenient for companies that handle numerous spray foam projects at once.

The new service—called Graco InSite—is remote recording technology for electric and hydraulic reactors that lets contractors track jobsite activity in real time using a wireless device. You can see which crews are spraying and for how long, verify that all settings are correct and track the amount of materials used.

This will help you plan for when routine equipment maintenance may be needed, and monitor inventory levels to avoid running out of important materials. You can also evaluate the productivity rate of a particular crew, jobsite or piece of equipment. This can be valuable data for many reasons (for one thing, it can help you give more accurate estimates).

Graco InSite can be easily installed on existing reactors. Intech has a wide selection of Graco products and equipment to keep your jobs running smoothly.