Home Buyers Concerned About Utility Costs and Environment

Most of you probably already assume that environmental impact is an important consideration for home buyers, but some recent research has provided interesting additional insights into buyer thinking.

The findings—contained within the National Association of Home Builders report entitled What Home Buyers Really Want—found that energy efficiency was a top priority for the majority of home buyers. Many of those surveyed were concerned about being environmentally friendly, but said they were reluctant to pay more in order to get this energy efficiency. While this may seem on the surface to be bad news when it comes to convincing buyers to invest in spray foam insulation, other findings in the research may help counteract that. The survey found that 77 percent of buyers think that knowing the projected utility costs of a home is important, and nearly as many said the projected utility costs of a home would influence purchase decision.

This means that buyers are much more likely to invest in spray foam insulation once they are informed about the potential for significant savings on their utility costs.

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