Housing Rebound Increases Demand for Spray Foam

As with any other type of building or remodeling material, the spray foam industry is in large part at the mercy of the housing market. If housing sales and construction rates are sluggish, spray foam contractors often find themselves with less work. It’s the inevitable trickle-down effect—and for those in the construction business, it’s a harsh fact of life.

Needless to say, the recent economic slowdown had far-reaching consequences for all types of construction-related contractors, including those in the spray foam industry.

Fortunately, the tide is finally changing. The housing industry is coming back to life—which means increased demand  for the building industry. As this story notes, that likely means good news for everyone involved in construction and remodeling—but especially for those involved in spray foam installation. That’s because builders and homeowners are now more educated than ever about building materials and energy usage, and are making it a priority to use energy efficient materials.

Predictions of a surge in business is welcome news, of course. But this means that contractors need to ensure they have sufficient equipment needed to handle the potential increased demand. Fortunately, they can get everything they need quickly from Intech Equipment & Supply.