New Article Discusses Pros and Cons of Running Two Spray Foam Guns Off One Proportioner

Over the past few years, more and more contractors have been expanding their business to include spray foam insulation services. This means the competition for those projects has become increasingly fierce, and companies are looking for ways to cut costs so they can offer more competitive pricing. They are also looking for ways to become more efficient and complete jobs more quickly.

In order to increase productivity, many spray foam contractors have implemented dual proportioners in their mobile rigs. The system consists of a supply system that feeds two heated proportioners, two sets of fluid heaters, two sets of heated hose, and two spray guns. There are also systems out in the field that are trying to run two spray guns off of one proportioner. While this will work, technically speaking, it’s not necessarily a wise practice.

In this article, Jake Jacobson and Bob Jutras of Intech Equipment & Supply discuss the technical aspects involved in running two guns from one proportioner—and, more importantly, point out the disadvantages and problems involved with this tactic.

We think you will find this information very helpful and enlightening, and it may prompt you to reconsider whether this is really a smart strategy. Click here to read this article.