Spray Foam Roofs Offer Long Life

spray foam equipmentThere are many different choices when it comes to the options for materials to use for roofing projects. Some of course offer several big advantages over alternative options. Longevity and sustainability are two major advantages of a roof that is built or reinforced with spray foam materials.

Spray foam roofing can have an impressive lifespan—often lasting an average of 30 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

That makes the cost of spray foam roofing a smart investment, since the annual cost of the roof over its long lifespan can come out to be very low. Then of course there are additional financial benefits. The energy efficient properties of spray foam can help you enjoy considerable savings on your utility bills. In addition, because spray foam creates such a strong barrier around the structure, you can avoid leaks and other weather-related damage that often result on costly losses and repairs.

When added all together, many people find that these financial benefits allow them to recoup the cost of investing in a spray foam roof within a very short time. There is also the convenience factor, as spray foam can be installed quickly and can often be applied over the existing roof, eliminating the need for a time-consuming teardown.

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