Spray Foam Used In Green Roof at Medical Building

spray foamA peaceful, quiet area where people can relax and recharge is a great feature in any type of building, but can be especially appreciated in a hospital or other medical facility.

For those responsible for designing a hospital facility being constructed in Katy, Texas, providing this type of area—in the form of a green roof—was seen as something that would greatly benefit the facility’s patients, employees and visitors. In this case, a “green roof” was used to refer to a man-made garden that was created on the building’s roof and which included live, growing plants and vegetation. Details of this project were featured in a recent issue of Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine.

The building plans for this area involved the creation of a waterproof membrane which not only protected the structure from moisture but also providing for great insulation properties. Not surprisingly, spray foam immediately became an obvious choice for the material that would be used in this project.

As the construction manager noted, spray foam would provide the long-lasting, low-maintenance properties the building owners wanted, while also offering energy-efficient and waterproofing benefits.

Needless to say, a project of this size required quite a bit of equipment, which included spray foam rigs and spray foam guns. Contractors who need these items or any sort of spray foam equipment should check out the online store of Intech Equipment & Supply.