Winter Cold Brings Annoying Drafts

As winter weather arrives and the temperatures plummet, most people are grateful to enjoy the warmth of their home. But they may not exactly get the cozy feeling they are hoping for, if their home is plagued by drafts and cold spots.

Drafts become much more obvious—and annoying—when cold weather arrives, and the cold air these drafts let in is very noticeable when compared to the heat in the rest of the home. Even just a few relatively small drafts can greatly affect the temperature and comfort level of the living space.

The negative impact of drafts goes beyond comfort, though. This is a problem that can have financial consequences, as well, because the heat is literally going right out the window, resulting in wasted energy and higher utility costs.

In addition, gaps that let air into the home can also allow water to enter during a storm, posing the risk of water damage to the home.

Spray foam is a great solution to this problem. When properly applied, spray foam insulation/roofing and coating can greatly increase the home’s energy efficiency, and offers excellent protection against the elements and drafts.

Contractors that want to help their customers eliminate the drafts in their home should encourage them to consider spray foam as an insulation material choice. And those contractors can find everything they need to perform these jobs at Intech Equipment & Supply.