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Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is a well-known manufacturer within the spray foam and polyurethane industries. PMC provides top quality, USA made spray foam equipment and roofing supplies for spray foam roofing, insulation, coating applications and more. In addition to spray guns, proportioners, transfer pumps and heated hoses, Polyurethane Machinery Corp. also offers customized special order solutions, as well as full lines of replacement parts and accessories. Whether for maintenance or modifications, replacement parts and accessories play an important role in our industry, and can have a great impact on operational effectiveness and profits.
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    Keep your spray foam equipment in top shape and extend the product lifetime with preventative and proactive maintenance – helping to maximize uptime and productivity on the job site. Trust all of your roofing supplies needs to our talented team of pros at Intech. Our full service centers throughout North America provide troubleshooting assistance, custom modifications, order placement support and general service for all equipment within the roofing and spray foam insulation industry.

    Shop from a variety of roofing supplies including Air Dry assembly kits, auxiliary hoses, coupling block assembly kits and bodies, flush tanks, lubricants, adhesives and sealants and more- Including items not currently displayed on our site. If a particular product is available through the manufacturer, then we will coordinate the order process on your behalf directly with PMC. Allow Intech Equipment and Supply to apply our extensive product knowledge and skills to benefit your work crews! From identifying issues to repair and replacement recommendations, our familiarity with the spray foam industry and all of the equipment that it encompasses can be a valuable resource when you require fast service, information and repairs.

    Browse our wide selection of roofing supplies online today, our contact one of our six facilities across the country, providing you with around the clock technical support and order fulfillment. Identify the issue at hand and the proper course of action with Intech Equipment and Supply.

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