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Check out the top-selling Graco equipment offered by Intech Equipment & Supply, and learn about the types of spray foam equipment available.

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Check out the top-selling PMC equipment offered by Intech Equipment & Supply, and learn about the types of spray foam equipment available.

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Spray Foam Machines

From residential Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation projects to high-volume commercial spray jobs, today’s cutting-edge spray foam machines provide the reliability and power to get the job done.

Commonly referred to as proportioners, spray foam machines are sophisticated pieces of spray foam equipment. For insulation and roofing businesses alike, these insulation foam machines serve as the backbone of an SPF job site.

Many contractors choose SPF insulation foam machines for their dependability, productivity, and high performance, regardless of the size of their job.

Getting to Know Your Spray Foam Machine

SPF insulation is applied using commercially available high-pressure, plural-component proportioning technology. SPF insulation also can be utilized via low pressure, single-component cans or two-component pressurized systems for small-scale projects.

From transferring components out of the material drums, properly heating and pressurizing the materials, pumping them through hoses, and mixing and spraying the components, insulation foam machines are crucial to the entire SPF application process.

When investing in a spray foam machine, there are numerous factors to consider:

Pump Drive System

You have a choice of several different pump drive options for your foam insulation machine. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we offer spray foam proportioners that fall into three major categories: air-driven, electric, and hydraulic.

  • Air-powered spray foam machines require less electrical power and tend to be the more affordable.
  • Electric spray foam machines require more power, but can typically handle a higher output.
  • Hydraulic spray foam machines are becoming increasingly popular as these insulation foam machines deliver consistent performance on high-demand jobs while requiring little downtime and maintenance.


Output refers to the amount of mixed material a foam insulation machine can deliver in a specific time. It is an important consideration, as it impacts the efficiency of your operation and helps determine how quickly you can complete jobs.

In general, the higher the spray foam machine’s output capabilities, the more expensive the machine. Why? Larger heaters and higher output pumps are required to achieve a higher output.

Many of today’s spray foam machine manufacturer’s design the newer, hydraulic models for high-output performance. A high-output spray foam proportioner is extremely useful, and are often a necessity for operations that handle large, commercial projects or other high-volume jobs.

Pressure Rating

An insulation foam machine’s pressure rating gives you the level of pressure the spray foam machine will generate in the process of mixing the materials. Always make sure your proportioner’s output and pressure settings align with those of your spray foam gun, as well as the components you plan to spray. We recommend referring to the manufacturer’s tech data sheet for the pressure settings of the chemicals you plan to use.

Heating Capacity

Temperature is another important aspect when using spray foam or polyurea materials because it affects the viscosity of the substances. You must dispense these materials at the proper temperature to achieve the proper viscosity, and ensure the highest quality and most consistent product.

Electrical System

Spray foam proportioners have many individual components that require power. Insulation foam machines have their own electrical systems that you must supply with sufficient power from either a shore power source or a mobile source, such as a generator, to accommodate the electric loads to these components.

For job sites that use a generator, like a mobile spray rig, it is essential to confirm that the generator’s electrical system specs match the proportioning machine’s requirements.

Featured Spray Foam Machines


Graco Reactor 2 E30

Each feature in the Reactor 2 was strategically designed to help your business, with innovations that help your operation run smoothly. Software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance. And new technologies that add to your bottom line.

PH40 Proportioner

PMC PH40 Proportioner

Designed to be both economical and applicator-friendly, this PH series model offers the professional even more value and basic contractor rugged design. The electrical console has been re-designed to eliminate the use of delicate circuit boards and displays.

Graco Reactor E-20 package

Graco Reactor E-20 Package

Equipped with material data and system diagnostics, the Reactor E-20 proportioner provides total control for spraying foam insulation. Advanced features provide longer equipment life, more uptime for your spray day, and the overall Graco reliability and durability you’ve come to expect.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers a wide assortment of spray foam machines in various types and sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. With options available at all price ranges, you can also find one that fits your budget.

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