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Leister Heating Tools & Equipment

Leister is a premier manufacturer of innovative and high-quality heating tools and equipment that are widely used in construction, roofing, and other industries. Their products are designed to provide efficiency, durability, and exceptional performance, making them an essential part of commercial spray foam rigs.

Spray foam contractors rely on Leister equipment to help them produce high-quality insulation and coatings consistently. Their tools, such as the Varimat V2 and Electron ST, among others, provide reliable and efficient heating for melting and fusing materials, resulting in fast and uniform applications.

Leister also produces reliable and convenient welding machines to provide secure bonding of all types of thermoplastic roofing applications. These welding machines such as the Uniroof E, produce consistent high-quality results that ensure total leak-proof integrity in the roofing applications.

At Intech Equipment, we understand the importance of having the highest-quality products for spray foam rigs. That's why we offer an extensive selection of Leister products, including tools, heaters, blowers, and welding machines. Our experienced team can help you find the perfectLeister product to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your spray foam operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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