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Measuring Instruments

The quality of your building products are an important factor on any job site. Not only do the materials being used need to be of high quality, but also highly cost effective. When it comes to testing and measurement instruments, Extech Instruments by FLIR  and Demhorst certainly meet this criteria.

Extech instruments are useful when bidding and planning new contracts, as they can help in identifying potential issues by providing otherwise unavailable information. Moisture issues can drastically change a bid, and having the knowledge provided by these valuable tools means that your clients have the proper information, protecting both your business and your pocket book.

Delmhorst is an industry leading manufacturer of a full line of varying moisture meters. Depending on your typical line of work, select from three main types of meters: Pin, pin less or an all in one model. The package options available with each model of Moisture Meter allow for customization to fit your typical specifications. Flooring packages, EIFS, Drywall and Insulation variations are all available with extra, added parts for a best match in function. Select from a digital or analogue display depending on your preference, and then proceed to choose the features that combine to make the model that is just right for you! 

Browse Intech Equipment and Supply for the highest quality measuring instruments from Extech & Delmhorst. With these valuable tools, you and your crews will be ready for anything that is thrown their way on the job site. Knowledge and proper planning may take time, but the financial savings in the long run are invaluable. As always, feel free to contact our professionals for any questions and ordering information.


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