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A Moisture Meter is used to determine the percentage of water in building materials, buildings themselves, and other objects that can have a propensity to contain water. This helps to determine if the material is ready for use or not, or if the building has underlying issues that need to be addressed before a project can progress. Because of the importance of the accurate information, whether it be in the material you want to use being ready, or the building itself being ready, it is important to have a moisture meter on hand at all times.

When determining which type of moisture meter you need, it is important to consider the typical applications, sensitivity requirements, meter preferences and other relevant information. Delmhorst has consistently created meters with fast, reliable and accurate readings. Delmhorst offers pin-free moisture meters, and pin-type moisture meters to help provide you with the information that you need, when you need it on the jobsite. This allows you to provide a better experience for your customer, and save you from having call backs, unforeseen expenses and costly delays. Saving time means saving money and happy customers mean return business and referrals, which are all very valuable in any construction industry. Get reliable readings and reliable results, keeping your jobs on schedule and within budget – Order your Delmhorst moisture meter today!


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