Spray Foam Hose Guards & Wraps

Designed with the spray foam contractor in mind, Suburban Manufacturing’s line of spray foam hose protection equipment allows SPF contractors to operate at peak performance, in virtually all working conditions by providing their SPF hoses an unmatched level of wet, cold and abrasion resistance, as well as thermal retention rates. These spray foam hose guards and wraps help prevent stoppages in job site production as a result of faulty and worn hoses.
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    In addition to Suburban Manufacturing’s standard spray foam hose guards, which are designed to be taper fit over a spray foam hose for added protection, Suburban Manufacturing also offers an Insulated Coupler Guard. The Sidewinder InsulGuard incorporates a radiant liner designed and proven to increase thermal retention by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, which translates into greater efficiency of your spray foam systems and improved profitability.

    Much like the Sidewinder InsulGuard, Suburban also offers an insulated SPF hose wrap. The Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap, designed to resist wet, cold and abrasive job sites, features a urethane-coated sleeve and a radiant liner capable of thermal retention up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining a super low coefficient of friction.

    Keep your work crews up and operation with spray foam hose guards and wraps from the Intech Equipment Online Store – your one stop shop for all your spray foam needs.

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