Hennes-Johnson Sprayer and Pumps

Cold process roofing systems provide an affordable and accommodating alternative to other variations of commercial roofing systems. The Hennes-Johnson equipment lineup includes a comprehensive selection of tools, parts, and machines to deploy during application from start to finish. A Hennes-Johnson sprayer or pump can be an investment for your equipment fleet that immediately returns value in the form of quality results and time saved.
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    With Hennes-Johnson, you get equipment that easily adapts to the work environment - sprayer quick change features allow for swapping between a 55 gallon bucket and larger drums, as well as faster maintenance to tend to fluid breaches in the pump itself. Continual research and responsive design based on contractor feedback has provided Hennes Johnson an edge in the always competitive, always advancing commercial roofing industry. Seemingly identifying every pain point, and then offering easy solutions and an abundance of parts and accessories has become the Hennes-Johnson standard.

    Order your sprayer or browse an extensive list of parts for both routine repair and preferential upgrades. Valves, pump packing kits, sprayer tips, pole guns and more can be ordered from the comfort of your home or office with Intech Equipment and Supply.

    Make navigating and product research easy by working with the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply. Our lineup of cold process commercial roofing equipment is only a portion of what you will find our convenient online store. Years of industry experience and extensive product knowledge allow us to help you ensure that you get the equipment you need for the job, at the price you need for your budget. Hennes-Johnson is a prime example of an industry manufacturer that excels in equipment design with very little traditional sales and marketing efforts. Allowing us to do the legwork translates to an abundance of options, placed right at your fingertips.

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