Commercial Drum Mixers by Hennes Johnson

In the commercial roofing industry, the uniform consistency of cold process materials simply cannot be overlooked. When it comes to properly preparing your roofing materials, Hennes Johnson has created some commercial grade drum mixers that offer an economical and practical way to bring cold process materials back into the state of suspension that is required by each specific manufacturer.
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    Hennes Johnson manufacturers multiple drum and pail mixer styles for use in the commercial roofing industry. Based on your specific needs, you can choose from hydraulic, gas or electric models. The electric HJ600E drum mixer model operates using just 110 volts with a gear reduction motor. Also boasting the gear reduction motor is the Gas drum mixer, a 2- cycle gas engine powered model, HJ600G. The third model offered from Hennes Johnson is the HJ100H hydraulic drum mixer.

    These commercial roofing mixers have earned an industry reputation for providing the consistency and dependable results needed in cold process roofing. For use with modified adhesives, coatings and more- Hennes Johnson offers many different types of equipment to serve the industry including custom solutions are also available for specific materials and application types.

    Select a drum mixer that will provide you with great results for many years to come. Hennes Johnsons provides us with the necessary quality and dependability that is required when handling cold process roofing materials. Choose your commercial roofing mixer at Intech Equipment and Supply for extra peace of mind, providing you with experienced industry and product knowledge in addition to great technical support. Contact us today for further assistance and product information, or continue shopping online now.

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