Hennes-Johnson Electric In-Line Heater

Gaining in popularity because of the results and also because of the decrease in necessary resources during application, cold process roofing systems are becoming more prevalent for both new installs and for updates and repairs. This requires careful attention to detail during application, including monitoring the roofing materials temperatures to ensure that coverage is uniform. In cold process roofing, it is not always possible or necessary to have a fuel powered in-line heating system. An alternative heating system can eliminate the exposure to an LP flame and provide the necessary results for your applications.
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    Hennes Johnson has been specializing in equipment for cold process roofing materials and designs have been perfected based on user feedback as well as easy maintenance and prioritized safety during operation. Each heater is tested and pushed to operational limits prior to shipping, to ensure that you have a heater ready for action that can withstand tough use and job abuse. With the proper in-line heater, you can bid and complete jobs without delays resulting from outside temperatures. Spring and Fall schedules no longer need to depend on the weather forecast and you can ensure consistent results are streamlined on every single job.

    In addition to electric and fuel in-line heaters, Hennes-Johnson also manufacturers an array of related equipment – mixers, sprayers, power rollers and more. All designed for safe and efficient operation to maximize profits and results. Shop the full line of Hennes-Johnson equipment conveniently in our online store. Looking for something specific or need help comparing? Contact us today! We are always available to answer questions before, during and after the purchase process. Let us do the legwork so that you can focus on your business. Think Intech for all of your roofing and spray foam insulation equipment and any related supplies. We are your convenient one stop shop for all of the industry’s best!

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