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    Blower Accessories and Ductwork

    Whether you have recently selected and purchased a new blower for your crews, or you are simply looking to supplement or upgrade your current setup, you have landed in the right place. Make protecting yourself and your crews a priority with trusted safety products by Allegro Industries, and get outstanding support from the experts at Intech. Selecting blower accessories and ductwork is the next step in the process, and Allegro provides compatible products to best fit your applications.

    Browse equipment ranging from specialty extension cords to blower motors, and maximize your current jobsite ventilation system. Axial Intake Adapters will allow for harmful airborne fumes to be removed from your workspace, and powerful, safety rated motors provide faster overall results. Allegro industries also provides ductwork, elbow connectors, duct to duct connectors, explosion proof cords and more.

    Ductwork is available in varying lengths and widths to ensure that you are covered for current and future projects. Retractable designs and easy carry bags assist in fast set up, east take down and safe storage. Transporting between jobsites and storing in the interim can be done without any damage to the ductwork itself. Reducers allow for high capacity blowers to be reduced in order to work effectively with smaller ductwork, and connectors provide solutions to ensure that your ductwork will reach even the remote locations while on the job.

    Complete your ventilation setup right the first time, and prevent costly changes down the road. Save time and money by choosing quality, affordable products from Allegro. Combine the expert knowledge of the individuals at Intech Equipment and Supply with the experienced technical pros at Allegro Industries, and customize your setup to fully meet your needs. Contact us today for assistance in choosing all aspects of your ventilation system, from the blower to the ductwork and all of the accessories that fall in between.

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