Used Trucks, Roofing Equipment, & Spray Foam Equipment

Intech Equipment and Supply operates as both an industry recognized roofing supplier working with trusted manufacturers like Graco, and also as a used equipment supplier. Our diverse business has been built on the relationships we have established with manufacturers just as much as the relationships we have built with our customers. At times, it may make more sense to purchase used equipment rather than new equipment, and you may also find yourself needing to trade in your used equipment for credit towards other tools and materials. This is another example of where Intech stands apart compared to others in the industry.
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    Let’s face it, in an industry that requires a moderately high level of investment, and equipment that often carries a hefty price tag, alternatives are rare. Our goal is to change and benefit your experience as an overall customer, and as a representative of the roofing and/or spray foam industry. By providing alternatives such as used trucks and refurbished trailers, we are aiming to provide affordable pieces of equipment that can be relied upon. Our custom fabrication of spray rigs transitioned quite easily into being able to provide quality used equipment, as we just know the equipment and the industry needs. The bottom line is that our experts here at Intech have developed a deep understanding of the entire roofing and spray foam industries. Knowing the equipment and rigs inside and out is our job, which also makes us highly qualified to provide trusted used supplies.

    We offer everything from used trucks for sale, used kettles, trailers, used roofing equipment, spray foam equipment, generators and so much more. If you can’t find what you are looking for online, please contact us because our used inventory is always changing and it may not always make it to the online store. We will trade in your old equipment and give you credit for new, or you can browse our huge selection of used equipment for purchase.

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