IPM 200 Series OP Transfer Pump

International Pump Manufacturing (IPM) 200 series of transfer pump are designed to work with a variety of fluids - paints, coatings, polyurethanes, stains, lacquers, water and lubricants. Full air operation and a sleek, functional stainless steel design make this transfer pump a great addition to any crews’ supply lineup. Applications range depending on the specific model type - from fluid transfer and feed, mobile spray machines, supply for the dispensing valve, chemical cleaning supply and other general fluid transfer.
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    If you are in the market for a general-purpose transfer pump that has been designed to work with a wide variety of fluids, then the IPM 200 series transfer pump is likely to be a great choice for you. The 200 series transfer pumps are air driven by a motor that was designed to be simple, and easy to care for, which will allow for longevity in the harsh, undesirable conditions. Options for wall mounted, as well as 55 gallon drum and 30 gallon pails are available to best fit your desired applications.

    The transfer pumps come in a 2-ball piston design, and are built to be extremely durable pumps. The 200 series is available in a 2:1 fluid ratio. The series 200 can handle a wide variety of fluids and has a specifically designed piston seal that never comes into contact with the materials you are pumping which is something that will extend the life of this pump regardless of what you run through, even in cases of fluids that are known to be problematic.

    Stop your search for the right transfer pump, and contact our experienced pros for more information about IPM’s 200 series of transfer pumps, and choose a great product with support and personalized recommendations. Shop all International Pump Manufacturing fluid handling and transfer pumps today at Intech Equipment online!

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