Kwik Booth for Polyurethane Spray Roofing

Protect your job sites and roofing materials from over spray with the Kwik Booth enclosure system. Ideal for polyurethane spray roofing jobs, the Kwik Booth was specifically designed for use on the roof top, with easy set up, light weight and convenient portability. Reducing over spray during the application process, the Kwik Booth is the ideal solution for busy contractors.
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    Without an enclosure system in place, over spray during the application process can cause damage to surrounding roof top areas and can cause expensive delays. Prior to the development of the Kwik Booth System, costly, rigid enclosures were the norm. Contractors had to fight through set up, and storage and transport were a nightmare. The affordable and simple solution that Kwik Booth offers is a no brainer – and you can continue to move through the application process with ease. Transport of the Kwik Booth is easy, thanks to two semi-pneumatic wheels that allow for ultimate maneuverability. With reinforced steel supports on each corner, the Kwik Booth is built to stay in place once set up is complete.

    The system is also unique in that it features disposable, fiberglass mesh screening that is standard and easy to replace. Toss the screening after each use, and simply start fresh on the next job site for a fraction of the cost of comparable enclosures. Affordability is further achieved with the versatile frame design – While not included in the enclosure system, simply use 2x2 standard wood and make the enclosure the size that best fits your needs. Set up from start to finish will typically take only about 10 minutes!

    When it comes time to clean up the job site and move the enclosure, simply collapse the Kwik Booth for transport. For polyurethane spray roofing and much more – Shop the Intech Equipment online store for expert roofing materials, equipment and supplies located in one easy place! Order your Kwik Booth enclosure today!

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