Spray Foam Insulation with Insulation Station

Insulation Station got a unique start in the industry, and arguably we are all better for it! Beginning with a need for quality, proper equipment on a spray foam insulation job site, Insulation Station started out of pure necessity. Their former insulation contractor company was among the first in the industry, long before what we now know as the spray foam industry. Networking and education was largely lacking, as was the necessary equipment. Tools and supplies were limited if they existed at all, and contractors had to get creative in order to get a job done right, and profitably. In addition, Insulation Station had the foresight to recognize the potential benefits of spray foam insulation in building, and wanted to be the trail blazer for a brand new normal.
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    Out of this need, their original insulation company eventually sold and the folks at Insulation Station focused solely on their passion, creating quality equipment at a fair price for the spray foam industry. Originally completing applications as an insulation company, and then evolving to aid in training and support on other contractor job sites – What we now know as Insulation Station started with the pros sharing knowledge, and helpful tools, and the word spreading throughout the industry. As they began networking, other insulation contractors began utilizing spray foam insulation, and essentially needed the unique equipment and tools that their predecessors had created. This grew to be what we now know as the Insulation Station equipment line up.

    Shop Intech for Insulation Station equipment for removal and install, and everything in between related to spray foam insulation. Unique, innovative equipment can take your job sites to the next level, providing faster results and a better finished product. From hand tools, warmers, saws and more – put Insulation Station equipment to work on your jobsite!

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