Graco Fusion Air-Purge Flat Tips

Order Graco products with excellent customer service from a top 20 Graco Distributor for three years running with Intech Equipment and Supply. Below you will find our selection of Graco Fusion flat tips for the Graco spray guns. Designed especially for applying polyurea and foam, these perfected spray guns provide for less maintenance giving you longer spraying time on the job. The Graco Fusion flat tips are designed to fit different model guns, all providing consistent, quality results for their intended applications.
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    Graco Fusion Air-Purge flat tips provide a variety of options for fluid flow and tip patterns. Available in low fluid flow, medium fluid flow and high fluid flow and with the options for tip pattern size that allow for your selection to best fit your common needs. 8-10 inch tip pattern, 12-14 inch and 16-18 inch pattern sizes can be selected and combined with the standard spray gun or for a custom kit that you design.

    Used commonly in the spray foam industry, these Graco tips can also be used in coatings and adhesives applications as well. As with any Graco brand spray product, the vast amount of customization and replacement parts available make this the ideal selection for you and your crews. By ordering from Intech Equipment, you receive the best products and our experts that can provide you all of the information necessary to choose, operate and troubleshoot your new investment.

    Shop online today or call our helpful experts for additional information. Haven't used a flat tip in the past? It is time to find out what they are all about! Let us walk you through the process and improve your results and your bottom line. Combining Graco resources with our industry experience is a winning combination for your crews, and the results for your insulation or coating contracts will be unparalleled.

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