Probler P2 Mix Chamber Insert Kits from Graco

The Graco Probler P2 is a plural component air purge spray gun that is easy to use, light weight- and highly maneuverable in difficult conditions. Aside from the Probler P2’s excellent performance, the design of the P2 also allows for fast and simple maintenance on the mix chamber inserts, minimizing downtime on the job site and improving longevity. If you already know the exact type of mixing chamber insert kit you are looking for, you can find it below, but if you need assistance in selecting the kit best suited for your personal use, our team of experts here at Intech Equipment are more than happy to help. Graco provides us with an abundance of options, and replacements- this is great for extending the life of your initial investment, keeping your Graco equipment running longer and available for multiple applications.
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    The wide range of applications for the Probler P2 gun is the reasoning behind the variety of options – From bridge maintenance to commercial and residential painting, spray foam insulation and more- the Probler P2 provides you a versatile solution for ever-changing requests and scheduled jobs.

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