Custom Cementitious Spray Rig for Fire Proofing

In addition to providing all of the industry’s most recognizable manufacturer product lines, we also provide custom solutions at the request of our clients. Designed specifically per your specs, with our extensive product and operational knowledge, coming together to form a perfect solution that is otherwise unavailable or not affordable, in the general market today.

Here you will find a custom Cementitious sprayer package we built for a current customer of ours for fire proofing applications. What exactly is Cementitious, and what does it do? As mentioned, cementitious spray is used in fire proofing , and is wet mixed and pumped as slurry. The solution is then applied to buildings and building materials in order to act as a precautionary measure against any future open flames or fires. Although not a 100% fire-proof solution, most fire proofing techniques are used to slow down a burn and contain damage, until emergency help can respond.
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    This is a turnkey package that gets you up and running in no time. When investing in and using a Cementitious sprayer for fire proofing, you need to know that you can depend on the products it is built with and the people who built it. That is why we combine the best materials and equipment for the job.

    The custom Cementitious sprayer package includes:

    • An 8 foot by 16 foot flat bed trailer
    • Air compressor (Atlas Copco, 185)
    • 2 -Wilden pumps (#8)
    • 250 feet of Duroflex spray hose ( 1 inch, with Chicago fittings)
    • Dual cement tanks
    • 2 -1 inch by 20 foot air hoses
    • Necessary fittings, fabrication materials and hoses
    • Standard pole gun and tip

    To get an edge in your industry sometimes requires innovation and investment, and products are not always caught up with the needs and the ideas. At Intech, our resources and knowledge allow us to build custom solutions, designed by you with our guidance and technical input. Contact us today to discuss your custom solutions.

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