Industrial Heating Solutions by Powerblanket

Whether your heating needs are climate related or material related, Powerblanket provides affordable, efficient industrial heating solutions for a variety of job site applications. Featuring patented Powerblanket Green Heat Technology, the heat delivery and consistency has developed an excellent industry reputation over the last decade. With GreenHeat technology, contractors see an insulative, protective heat distribution that maintains temperatures – Regardless if you are battling the elements or adhering to material temperature specs. Consistent, predictable results take Powerblanket a step above the rest, and keeps your jobs at the temperature you need.
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    Powerblanket Industrial Heating equipment can be used to prevent freezing, speed ground thaw times and facilitate concrete or chemical curing. Versatility is at the core of the design and manufacture process, allowing you to maximize your equipment investment to its fullest capacity. Delays can be costly – Frozen ground or other work surfaces can mean that your crews cannot work – leading to losses in other equipment rentals, project timelines and more. By having the proper industrial heating equipment, particularly in spray foam, general construction or concrete – can mean the difference in a days work well done, and a nightmare of delays for your project timeline.

    Powerblanket solutions are unique in that set up and take down time are minimal and do not require extensive assembly or tools. The concept of providing an industrial heating solution – without requiring an extensive set up or operation time commitment – is unique to these industry pros that know what matters most on your job sites. In addition to heating and curing blankets, the Powerblanket line up of industrial heating solutions includes Tote Heaters, Pipe wraps and more.

    Browse the full selection of Powerblanket industrial heating equipment and accessories, or contact Intech Equipment and Supply for expert advice and support. Don’t let the temperatures sacrifice the quality of your results, or interfere with project timelines. Have the right equipment on hand, and keep projects on schedule with Powerblanket.

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