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Red Dragon torches and roofing tools by Flame Engineering got their start in an entirely different industry – Agriculture and weed killer and control. Fast forward to today, turns out that the custom torch designed in the early 1950’s worked quite well and began to establish a reputation, leading ultimately to a home in roofing supplies! With a sterling reputation and dependable parts and services, we proudly carry Red Dragon Products at Intech Equipment and Supply.
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    Flame Engineering has been in business for over 50 years. During that time they introduced the Red Dragon line of torches and have essentially mastered propane torch kits, and everything related to torching. Red Dragon has many products that can fit your needs from small torch kits all the way up to a 7 burner kit. The overall product lineup includes 9 torch kits and a standard soldering kit.

    Red Dragon also offers additional solutions and products for roofing. In climate challenged areas, if the weather is just not working with you fight back with a Red Dragon Roof Dryer to get your crews back to work and save you time and money. Browse modified bitumen applicators and seamer kits as well, containing multiple options to best fit your needs and preferences.

    To round out the lineup, Red Dragon/Flame Engineering also supplies a full line of accessories and replacement parts. It is not secret that in roofing, equipment can take a serious beating. Even if treated as carefully as possible, the harsh applications and environments are bound to eventually take a toll. Having manufacturer replacement parts readily available can be the difference between profit and loss on a jobsite.

    Navigate directly to the item you need or take your time and browse the entire lineup for roofing – our experts can be contacted by phone, email or in person to assist you with questions, product information and product selection.

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