Probler P2 Elite Gun Assembly GCP3RA


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Product Description

GCP3RA Probler P2 Spray Insulation and Coating Equipment

Selecting equipment to cover all of your bases can be a daunting task. Choosing the wrong equipment can be costly, and interfere with your job site capabilities now and in the future. Choosing a combination Probler P2 for spray insulation and coating equipment can save you money now, and save you time on all of your jobs in the future. The GCP3RA Probler P2 Elite does just that, combining expert spraying capabilities for both spray insulation and plural component coatings

The Graco GCP3RA Probler P2 Elite has all of the great features that the standard Probler P2 has become known for, including enhanced spraying time and reduced maintenance demands. The Probler P2 gun has enforced check valves that keep the dry side of the gun separate from damaging materials – Providing you with long lasting, fully operation equipment and very little maintenance demands. The two-piece design of the mix chamber gives easy access to change it out as your job demands change, and the Elite model also provides easy filter access and compatibility with a wider range of accessories.

Spraying with the Probler P2 Elite is a breeze. Both spray insulation and coating equipment demands are met with ease. Get into tight spots and spray for longer periods – The power packed dual air piston gives over 300 pounds of spraying force, and cuts back on the pull pressure of the mix chamber dramatically. With the P2 elite, you also enjoy options for hose routing configurations out of the side block.

Order your GCP3RA today online at Intech Equipment and Supply, each ships standard with the GC250A mix chamber and the GC251A mix chamber insert. Spray insulation at 3 pounds per minute, and for coatings applications, .4 GPM. Browse all of the Probler P2 and Probler P2 Elite models online today!

GCP3RA - GC250A w/GC251A 5 in (127 mm) 0.4 gpm 3 lb/min

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