Garlock RAM 110 Convertible Rubberized Asphalt Melter

Garlock RAM 110 Convertible Rubberized Asphalt Melter



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Product Description

The Garlock RAM 110 melts an amazing 110 gallons of heat-sensitive rubberized asphalt materials quickly and efficiently.  The Garlock RAM 110 features also include diesel burner with diesel engine option, built-in fume reduction unit, and heat-to-pour within 45 minutes from a cold start.  The perfect oil-jacket design of all Garlock RAM melters eliminates flue replacement expense and downtime by firing into a ceramic-lined burner chamber, which in turn heats the heat transfer oil, and then the material. No flame ever touches metal, which is the leading cause of flue failure and fatigue.

The RAM 110 can also be purchased with a convertible feature, which allows the heating unit to quickly detach from the transporter trailer. This makes the Garlock Ram 110 perfect for narrow openings and elevators. Made with the best Garlock Parts and guaranteed safety that comes with all Garlock equipment.

RAM 110 Features:
  • Diesel Burner w/diesel engine option
  • 100% Automatic Controls
  • No Material Charring
  • Built-in Breaks
  • Built-in Hydraulic Agitator
  • Gravity Feed Rear Draw-off
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