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Learn about the different types of spray foam machines available, how they work and the features associated with each one.

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Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Mobile spray foam rigs are a valuable asset to any spray foam insulation or roofing contractors business. Mobile spray rigs can greatly increase both the efficiency and productivity of the operation, by allowing job sites to get up and running quickly, and ensuring they keep running smoothly with minimal downtime.

A mobile spray foam rig serves as a self-contained complete job site all in one convenient and portable unit. It contains all of the equipment needed to complete a spray foam job, in a setup that is easily moved and transported to another job location. Mobile spray rigs also offer the benefit of providing an enclosed space within which everything can be stored securely and protected from the elements.

Towable trailers

The majority of mobile spray foam rigs are designed on towable trailers that can be pulled by a pickup truck or other work vehicle. The size of the spray foam rig can vary depending on the specific design and the individual components included in the setup, but these trailer-type mobile spray rigs can be 24 feet or longer.

Larger projects will sometimes need a spray rig that is designed for high-volume operations. These heavier trailer rigs will require a larger truck with higher towing capacities.

Box trucks

Mobile spray foam rigs can also be created within a box truck. These are the ultimate in self-contained operations. Box trucks offer several advantages—mainly, that they have a larger storage capacity and can accommodate more spray foam equipment within the unit. These rigs can transport a larger amount of chemical materials, making them a great choice for high-volume operations.

Compact units

Compact spray foam rigs are a relatively new addition to this category, but they are quickly becoming popular. As the name implies, they provide a more condensed unit with a smaller footprint. These systems take advantage of using flexible equipment that can serve multiple functions.

Learn about our mobile spray rigs

Intech Equipment & Supply provides custom-designed mobile spray foam rigs that are built at any of our five locations across the country. Each location also provides service, maintenance and repairs.

Learn about our mobile spray rigs.

Featured Mobile Spray Foam Rigs


Classic Contractor Mobile Spray Foam Rig

The Classic Contractor E20 is a great entry level mobile spray foam insulation rig. It was meticulously designed for the budget conscious spray foam insulation contractor.

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Interstate Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Our Interstate Series Rigs are ergonomically laid out and professionally designed with the 40 hour + work week contractor in mind, built in a premium quality 16’ extended height trailer the Interstate provides marketing aesthetics with top notch productivity.

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Pro Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Pro Series Rigs are typically customized by the contractor and the rig designer to be the perfect fit for a commercial/industrial applicator.

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You can browse through the wide inventory of  Mobile Spray Foam Rigs  available in our online store at Intech Equipment & Supply.