12 Months 0% Interest

Need a new spray foam rig, but don't have the capital? We are now offering special financing to help you grow your business. Financing starts at 12 months 0% interest and goes all the way up to 60 months.

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Used Trucks

Any time you consider purchasing a used spray foam truck – whether it’s to add to an existing fleet or to upgrade to meet rising demands – carefully considering all of your options is the only way to truly ensure you are making the right investment. 

A used truck for sale can be a great deal, however, it has to be at the same time that you need it, and it has to be able to handle everything you need it for. Considering your equipment fleet, storage and parking accommodations, mileage demands and all other contributing factors will ensure that you purchase the right truck the first time around. 

Planning ahead – more specifically, planning ahead with Intech – will allow for your current and future needs to be met.  

We suggest that you start the process by first making the choice on the type of truck you need. Then, it’s time to start your search. Browse a variety of used spray foam trucks, including box truck models up to 26,000 gvw, as well as heavy duty pickups and mobile spray foam rigs from Intech. 

Our most up-to-date inventory is available online. You also can call or stop by one of our numerous locations today.