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Check out the top-selling Graco equipment offered by Intech Equipment & Supply, and learn about the types of spray foam equipment available.

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Check out the top-selling PMC equipment offered by Intech Equipment & Supply, and learn about the types of spray foam equipment available.

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Spray Foam Guns

Spray foam guns are a valuable tool for contractors and application professionals. They are essential to the process of applying sprayed materials. The spray foam gun is the device that actually dispenses and applies the mixed materials from the proportioning machine.

The materials are mixed within the spray foam gun as they are being sprayed. This process must happen quickly because the combined materials will immediately start to harden. This is why it is important that no materials be allowed to remain in the gun for any lengthy period of time. Excess materials are removed from a polyurea spray gun through a process called purging. Spray foam guns are categorized by their specific purging process.

Mechanical purge spray guns

A mechanical purge system uses a part called a valving rod affixed inside the mixing chamber. This rod keeps the individual chemical areas separated when they aren’t being applied. The rod is pulled back when the trigger is pressed, allowing the chemicals to be mixed and released. When the trigger is released, the rod returns to position, purging any remaining material from the chamber in the process.

Air purge spray guns

With an air purge system, the mixing chamber moves during the application process, allowing the chemicals to be combined when the trigger is pressed. When the trigger is released, a blast of air discharges any remaining materials from the mix chamber.

Solvent purge spray guns

Solvent purge systems get their name from the fact that a solvent chemical is used to prevent any chemical reaction and to flush out any materials remaining in the spray foam gun. This type of purge system is more commonly used for polyurea and two part urethane coating applications.

2 spray foam guns and one proportioner?

One question we get asked a lot here at Intech is if it’s possible to run 2 spray foam guns off of one proportioner. To answer, we wrote this detailed article entitled, “Can You Operate 2 Spray Foam Guns Off One Proportioner?” that weighs the options.

Featured Spray Foam Guns


Graco Fusion AP Gun

With long-life mix chamber and durable side seals, Fusion guns are designed to reduce maintenance and downtime, and provide a better mix.

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AP-2 Spray Guns

AP-2 Spray Guns

The PMC AP-2 spray gun is lightweight, and comes with a coating on the outside to make cleaning the gun as easy of a process as possible. The AP-2 is one of the lightest and lowest priced air purge spray guns on the market.

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Graco Fusion CS

ClearShot Technology sets the Fusion CS gun apart from every other applicator. With its revolutionary technology, the Fusion CS is poised to virtually eliminate drilling of the mix chamber – increasing your spraying uptime and reducing downtime spent on maintenance. Flexible for polyurea and foam applications, this gun provides you with versatile advantages.

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