Axe and Pry Bar Tools

For your general tool lineup, whether for home use or in the field, it doesn't get much more basic than an axe or pry bar. The countless applications make these tools invaluable, and Roofmaster provides them for us at great prices. Choose an axe or a pry bar that can withstand the intended use, with no separation or splitting of the handle.
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    The Roofmaster pry bar is designed to make tile and nail tear ups a breeze, get added leverage with the rocking head for even the toughest removals. The Vaughn Super Bar is great for commercial use, with three slots for nails to fit in order to get easy prying. At 15 inches, there is plenty of leverage, and the ability to rock for maximum use. This pry bar is great for removing molding, pulling nails and general scraping. The sharpened end gives easy and clean access to even the tightest spots.

    For choosing an axe, select between the standard 3.5 pound models and 5 pound models for more heavy duty applications. Available with either a fiberglass handle or a hickory wood handle, and optional wood replacement handle is available as well. The Roofmaster Dayton axe is also a great option, in both 3 pound and 5 pound models, the Dayton axe has a curved handle and forged steel top. This axe is ideal for chores such as wood chopping or demo.

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