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  • Design a Custom Spray Foam Rig

    Pick your parts and we’ll build it. Unlike the competition, choose your preferred insulation type and material.

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  • Classic Contractor

    Mobile Spray Foam RIG

    The Classic Contractor E20 is a great entry level mobile spray foam insulation rig. It was meticulously designed for the budget conscious spray foam insulation contractor.

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  • Interstate Series

    Mobile Spray Foam RIG

    Our Interstate Series Rigs are ergonomically laid out and professionally designed with the 40 hour + work week contractor in mind, built in a premium quality 16’ extended height trailer the Interstate provides marketing aesthetics with top notch productivity.

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  • PMC – PH-40

    The PMC “Classic” Series PH-40 was “Designed with the Customer in Mind” to provide applicator friendly and serviceability to meet today’s market place demands.

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Spray Foam Insulation Equipment & Roofing Supplies at Intech Equipment

Intech Equipment and Supply, founded in 1995, is a full service spray foam equipment, and related parts supplier. Our online store features an array of industry manufacturers, providing the best in trusted industry spray foam insulation equipment and backed by our expert service, with easy online ordering. Shop spray foam insulation equipment, spray foam equipment parts and turnkey custom foam insulation rigs as well as traditional residential and commercial roofing supplies and safety equipment.

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