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Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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Intech Equipment

Intech Equipment

When you're thinking of doing business with a company, especially a company you've randomly found online, it's a good idea to check up on them a little bit before jumping in with both feet. An internet search is as good a place to start as any. Search for the company by name. If you haven't seen it already, look at their web site. Many companies post important information, such as terms and conditions, facility locations, price structures, and more on their web sites. Reading through any terms and price structures may help you eliminate unsuitable suppliers right at the start. In addition to reading through the company's own web site, browse other sites that come up in your search. See what, if anything, other people in the industry have to say about your potential supplier.

During your online search of the company's name, you may find them in the membership directories of industry associations. After you've searched for the company by name, do follow up and search further to find if they are members of industry associations. You are likely familiar with these from your own experience, check with associations that you know and trust. Intech Equipment has long-standing membership in a great many industry associations, both in the local areas of our facilities, and on a national level.

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Water Shotgun Pressure Washer


Price: $1800.00

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Used Spud Machine


Price: $1500.00

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used norpro 45kw 3 phase generator


Price: $7000.00

upgrade to h-40 reactor proportioner

SKU: ProSeriesH40Upgrade

Price: $12550.00

upgrade to a intech/next gen 35kw 35 cfm combo unit

SKU: ProSeriesUpgradeNext

Price: $9362.00

upgrade to a 28’ gooseneck

SKU: ProSeriesTrailerUpgrade

Price: $4800.00

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steel wheel barrow

SKU: usedWheelbarrow

Price: $100.00

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