How the Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment System Works

As a leading supplier of spray foam equipment, parts and accessories from top manufacturers,  Intech Equipment and Supply closely monitors the SPF market. When new equipment is introduced, its expert team tests it before it recommends it to clients. After monitoring Carlisle spray foam equipment, Intech is excited about the Carlisle Construction Material’s decision to sell spray foam machines.

Contractors who are familiar with Carlisle spray foam insulation (CSFI) can now add the Carlisle IntelliSpray system to their inventory. The system is designed based on Carlisle’s industry expertise and demonstrates its dedication to manufacturing high-quality products that meet the needs of spray foam contractors. This is a summary of the Carlisle spray foam equipment system.

The Carlisle IntelliSpray System

CSFI has developed the IntelliSpray System after acquiring Accella Polyurethane Systems, a former leader in the SPF industry. It includes a spray foam machine, Carlisle spray foam gun, and QuickHeat hoses.

The overall goal of the system is to help contractors improve spray accuracy so they can achieve better application consistently and improve operator productivity. The system is a complete SPF solution that includes the following components:

  • IS40 Intellispray Proportioner
  • ST1 Air Purge Spray Gun
  • QuickHeat Hose

It offers contractors material savings of $100-$150, reduces the risk of spraying off-ratio, and shaves about 2 hours off a typical 8-hour job. Contractors can improve on-the-job productivity because it produces better yields and wastes less time during startup.

The IS40 IntelliSpray Proportioner

The key component of the system is the IS40 IntelliSpray proportioner. It meets the needs of spray foam contractors by addressing common project-related issues and by providing an overall better application experience.

It is easy to use. It has intuitive controls and automation features that make it easy to select the correct settings. The 15″ full-color touchscreen control panel is easy to read and allows crew members to user clear, intuitive commands to manage its industrial-grade operating system. They receive continual information on the machine’s performance, can automate tasks and confirmation when a job is complete.

The IS40 is optimized to control the material mix to maintain near-perfect on-ratio control. Independent, servo-driven motors work together with integral flow meters to ensure optimal A&B material flow, which produces consistent results that clients love.

The flow meters are equipped with Carlisle’s IntelliSense Technology to ensure a 1:1 ratio. If the system detects an off-ratio condition, the machine automatically shuts down to prevent any mishaps.

If you need power, this machine delivers. The IS40 sprays most fluids at higher pressures, with a maximum psi of 2,000. This leads to greater yields in a shorter amount of time since the maximum output is around 40 lb/minute. This output rivals the productivity of spray foam machines from other top brands in the SPF industry and makes it a useful addition to any spray foam rig.

The ST1 Spray Gun

The ST1 is an air-purge spray gun that has been optimized to boost comfort and control. It is among the lightest spray foam guns in its class, is intuitively designed and is easy to service. As the first Carlisle spray foam gun on the market, it also offers many benefits that contractors seek such as increased uptime and better spray precision.

The ST1 has quick-change mix tips that offer both precision and application consistency. This makes it a highly-versatile spray gun that can cover a lot of area as well as one that can be used to apply smaller amounts of material in tighter areas. The ability to change tips also reduces overspray build-up, which means operators spend more time spraying and less time fixing problems.

The ST1 is lightweight and balanced, making it one of the easiest spray foam guns to handle. Since it weighs just 2.38 lbs without its manifold, it rivals top competitors, and by reducing sprayer fatigue, operators can apply spray foam longer and with more consistency.

Winged handles make the Carlisle spray foam gun more balanced since the weight load is transferred from the fingers to the arm. This offers more stability and reduces operator fatigue. For added convenience, the ST1 also comes with a strap that secures the gun to a user’s hand and allows fingers to rest.

The QuickHeat Hose

A good hose makes all the difference, and the Carlisle QuickHeat hose rises to the challenge by keeping materials at the best possible condition during application. It answers contractors’ need for a durable, functional hose that interacts seamlessly with the proportioner, and its efficient heating system reduces machine warmup time by up to 50%.

There is also a powerful internal heater wire that enables over 90 degrees Fahrenheit of system DeltaT, which decreases the need to recirculate or preheat materials, and independent A & B sensors work with the IS40 and ST1 to ensure the temperature remains correct for the entire job duration. 

Carlisle Spray Foam Equipment At Intech Equipment & Supply

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