2020 Guide: How to Choose a Spray Foam Rig

The world has been changing quickly because of innovations in technology, and the spray foam business is no exception. Accessing services and information is easier than ever and takes just seconds compared to even a decade ago. In short, the move from print media to digital communications has set a new precedent for how quickly one can expect to receive information and how much they can learn.

This expansion of digital solutions has affected practically every industry including retail, business management and even construction. To operate successfully in this modern landscape, spray foam contractors must stay abreast of ever-evolving technological demands. In fact, choosing a spray foam rig in 2020 looks different than even 10 years ago.

Since clients are more demanding, operators need prompt access to information. From performance reporting to remote operation, today’s machines need to deliver what clients and contractors need most. Top brands like Graco and PMC closely monitor contractors’ needs and have been creating new solutions that meet modern demands. It is not just about performance and quality anymore. It is about better programming and integration with mobile devices, both of which have become cornerstones for business operations. Here is how to choose the best spray foam rig in 2020.

Gather Feedback to Make an Informed Decision

To know how to best improve your business, get feedback from clients, colleagues and employees. By knowing what problems your staff encounter and what your clients want, you can choose equipment for your next spray foam rig based on these needs.

  • Client feedback: For the best results, take the time to gather client feedback after each job so you have a list of suggestions on what clients liked and did not like about your services. If your clients wanted more detail about each day’s progress, but your machine does not provide the data, you should consider upgrading to a Graco Reactor 2 series that uses the Reactor App to report daily progress, so you can send that information to your clients. PMC’s PHD-2, one of its newest proportioners, tracks, monitors progress, saves data, and troubleshoots the unit. These real-time data resources help you provide peace of mind to meticulous clients and assure them that you are making good progress.
  • Team feedback: Your most valuable asset is your colleagues and employees. When they have the right equipment, they can thrive, but when they are using an inadequate spray foam rig, they will have problems that slow down their progress and impede productivity. Listen carefully to what your team says about what they would like to improve or change about the spray foam rigs they take to each job. If they need more power, upgrade your entry-level machine to a hydraulic machine like the Gusmer GH-2. If they need simpler functionality and something more portable, consider a PF-1600. If you would like to know all the options available to fine-tune your spray foam rig, bring your list of concerns to us and we will help you find equipment that meets your needs.

Decide How Much Technology You Need

If you find that your business is expanding and you need to be in multiple locations, you cannot clone yourself, but you can easily monitor progress on multiple machines and job sites when you streamline your equipment onto a single monitoring app. The Reactor 2 series comes highly recommended for operators who need to monitor and operate multiple machines remotely. This keeps your team organized and helps you manage your business. For more information, ask us about getting rigs that can be controlled using your smartphone.

Explore New Products

While Graco and PMC have top-of-the-line products that are in-tune with contractor needs, new brands like Carlisle also offer spray foam innovations. This brand is backed by 100 years of experience in the construction industry and integrates IntelliSpray technology into its spray foam equipment. It provides ergonomically designed spray foam guns and time-saving solutions that help you maximize productivity during your workday. Be sure to explore these new options before making your final decision.

Consider Long-Term Goals

A cheap and accessible unit can help you in the short-term, but if you want to have functional equipment that will last for years, you need to invest in better products. If you need to split payments into manageable installments, ask about financing options. This is one way you can ensure that you make no compromises on the machines that you want, the number of guns that you need, replacement parts and other components that you need in your spray foam rig to be successful. For more information try our financing calculator.

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We enjoy helping our customers find products that meet their needs, fulfill their “must-haves,” and meet their budget. If you are interested in getting new or used equipment for your spray foam rig, contact us.