How to Trick Out Your Spray Foam Rig with the Best Equipment

Is it time to part ways with your “starter” spray foam rig? Has your business grown and your needs changed? Are you tired of faulty equipment that is difficult to troubleshoot, causing you delays and dissatisfied clients? You know when it is time to upgrade your equipment. Adapt your rig to satisfy the requirements of your evolving business by getting all the items on your wish list. Here is how to get the best spray foam rig for your needs.

Prioritize Your Greatest Needs

Evaluate your past jobs and get feedback from your team to determine what the top concerns about your current rig are. Is one of your machines spraying off-ratio and creating the need for a lot of do-overs? Do you struggle to meet the demands of a commercial job with your mid-output spray foam machine? Is an old spray foam gun clogging incessantly and forcing you to pause operations to dismantle it and clear the blockage?

The problems and needs for each contractor or company differ based on the type of equipment they own and the types of jobs they do. Residential workers who need to reach tight areas will have a tough time with a large machine and may need to buy an additional small unit. So, if problems with your spray foam gun are causing a lot of interruptions and downtime on job sites, replacing it should be your top priority.

The amount of equipment you upgrade depends on your budget and business goals. If your budget is limited, address your biggest pain points first. If you find that you need to replace several critical pieces of equipment, but do not have the budget to pay upfront for all of them, take advantage of our financing options for both used and new equipment. For more information, check out our financing calculator.

Create Your Best Spray Foam Rig With These Favorites

All contractors have equipment preferences, but overall, this is an overview of some of our top sellers. We can customize your spray foam rig with these items and more depending on your specific needs. Contact our experts to learn what types of equipment would help resolve your pain points and boost your business.

Get a Lighter Spray Foam Gun

If you have older spray foam guns, they probably weigh more than some modern options. For instance, at 2.4 lbs., PMC’s AP-3 is one of the lightest guns in its class on the market. Carlisle’s ST1 gun weighs even less at 2.38 lbs., and Graco’s P2 weighs 3.9 lbs. Switching to one of these lightweight guns can enable you to hold the trigger longer so you can complete jobs more quickly.

Get Convenient Remote Control and Monitoring:

Not too long ago, contractors had to have a trusted person on-site or be physically present to monitor and control spray foam machines. Today, you do not need to do that. If you have found it challenging to stay on top of operations in person and need more freedom, upgrade to a Graco machine that is compatible with the Reactor App, such as the Reactor 2 E-30. This will allow you to monitor job progress and control the spray foam machine from your smartphone. Carlisle offers an oustanding proportioner as well.

Stop Using Big Machines for Small Touch-ups

It is not only a waste of time to use a mid-sized rig for touch-up work, but it can wear down your high-volume machines more quickly. Instead of trying to make one machine do it all, add a few touch-up kits like the Touch N Seal U2-120 Spray Foam Kit to your rig. If you prefer something that can be used in a variety of situations, the PMC PF-1600 has an output of 16 lbs. a minute and can also help you with small-scale jobs.

If You Need a Total Rehaul

It is often difficult to try to make your former setup work when your business has evolved. If you need a total redo of your current setup, explore our selection of the best custom spray foam rigs We have several solutions that work for different output needs from standard residential work to industrial roofing. We can also help you repurpose your old equipment or even buy your properly maintained used equipment.

Spray Foam Equipment for Sale at Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment & Supply has been a pioneer in the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation supply since 1995. We offer highly recommended spray foam equipment, mobile spray foam rigs, parts, education and training, troubleshooting, and post-sales support. If you are interested in finding the best spray foam rigs, our team is ready to meet your unique equipment and accessory needs. Contact us.