2019 Trends in Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

2019 Trends in Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

2019 has seen continued progress in the optimization and improved design of spray foam equipment, especially from top brands like Graco and PMC.

Intech Equipment & Supply is among the top suppliers of both brands and sells their latest and best spray foam insulation equipment. Here are a few trends going on in the industry so far in 2019.

Trend #1: Lightweight Spray Foam Guns

Top brands are making the equipment that contractors use daily much lighter so that the equipment is easier to use for a longer period of time. Heavy guns are starting to become a thing of the past as manufacturers continue to pursue lightweight models that combat user fatigue. When a gun is too heavy, one must apply spray foam insulation in spurts to avoid strain on the body.  

For example, PMC just added their brand new AP-3 Air Purge Gun to their product lineup, and we’re proud to offer it to our customers. This air purge gun is lightweight with a balanced design to reduce user fatigue and increase accuracy. It only weighs 2.4 pounds and is one of the smallest and lightest air purge guns available on the market. 

It also contains fewer parts and has a short trigger stroke to make the application of sprayfoam easier. It’s economically priced to boot and it can use parts that are already in your PMC AP-2 Air Purge Gun, including the chamber, coupling block, and check valves. 

Trend #2: More Simplicity in Design

Across the board, manufacturers are pursuing more simple designs. For example, the AP-3’s design contains fewer parts compared to other guns of its class. Traditionally, air purge guns use the spool valve method to provide air, but the AP-3 uses a one-piece cartridge valve that is replaceable for even more speed and convenience. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to use multiple o-rings with the AP-3 spray foam gun.

When equipment is less complicated in design, putting it together and taking it apart requires fewer tools. This reduces downtime and the complexity of regular maintenance.

Spray foam proportioners are also taking on this trend by being more easy to service and reassemble with features like point-to-point wiring and open frame design. PMC’s PF 1600 Spray Foam Proportioner is one example of a great machine with an open-frame design that makes troubleshooting a snap. Anything that simplifies the maintenance process and shortens downtime means more time on the job!

The PMC PHX-40 machine’s electrical console has also been redesigned to be easy to troubleshoot, eliminating the former complicated circuit boards and displays. It also has an open frame design and opposed piston pumping to make the machine easy to service for ball checks and more.

Trend #3: Smarter Equipment

You don’t have to look far to see that the latest equipment is automating more tasks that used to be the contractor’s responsibility. For example, the economically priced PA25 Spray Foam Proportioner has these features:

  • Re-settable cycle counter
  • Air solenoid safety shut off
  • Over temperature safety shut off
  • Digital automatic temperature control

These features work together to keep your spray foam at the right temperature and will shut off the machine if there are any safety issues.

When you go into the realm of hydraulic and commercial-grade proportioners, you get even more intelligent features. The Graco Reactor 2 E30 Elite is the definition of a state-of-the-art machine for 2019’s spray foam needs. It can be programmed to store up to 24 spray foam recipes. The machine also has Graco InSite Reporting Technology, which allows users to check its progress remotely, logging equipment operations to provide a constant data stream.

The PMC PHX-40 Proportioner is another intelligent machine that allows users to save time with automated options. The optional pre-set countdown makes it possible to shut down the machine just before the drum set is empty. The machine also has an internal temperature sensing unit that can detect the temperature of the hoses that are attached to it.

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