3 Tips for Selecting Graco Spray Equipment & Machines

When it is time to replace old equipment or expand your growing spray foam business, selecting the right equipment matters. Before you make a large purchase, be sure that you are making a good investment. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we know how important it is to have dependable, long-lasting equipment that works just as hard as you do. This is why we recommend Graco spray equipment.

Graco products are well-known in the spray foam industry because they deliver top-of-the-line performance and offer advanced features. The brand’s innovations directly address the problems SPF contractors face on the job by helping to streamline operations. Whether you need an upgrade or a replacement for outdated machinery, we can guide you toward excellent choices for your business needs. Here are 3 tips for selecting Graco spray equipment and machines.

Tip 1: Do Your Research

Buying Graco spray equipment is not a typical business expense. It is important to make the right decision the first time because of the large upfront cost. Though we do have a new equipment return policy, you can lose precious time while you work with a machine that is not appropriate for the types of projects you do. So, it is important to research all the different Graco spray machines before you decide which one to buy.

If you are interested in getting new Graco spray equipment, go to our Intech Store and explore our current Graco spray machine listings. Under each product description, you will find details on the machine’s output, compatible technology, and other useful information to help you determine if it is the product you need. You can also find product manuals and diagrams that show you what features are available for each model. Our customer care team can also answer any of your questions about any new or used Graco equipment in stock.

Tip 2: Weigh the Cost with Its Benefits

Since Graco spray equipment is priced according to its long-term value, be sure to weigh the cost of each item with the benefits. For instance, if you need a dependable spray foam machine for residential insulation, a mid-range proportioner like the Graco E-30 is perfect for the job, but the simpler Graco spray machine such as the E-20 is also a good choice for many small-scale jobs. However, if your business includes small commercial jobs, the E-30 is a better investment because of its greater power.

Another question to ask yourself is if you need a small machine like the Graco E-10 for touch-ups or if a commercial spray foam kit is enough. If you do frequent touch-ups, an E-10 will save you money in the long run. However, if you do touch-ups infrequently, a commercial spray foam kit will suffice. Overall, be sure the equipment you buy is sufficient for your operations to ensure the best results and client satisfaction.

Tip 3: Do Not Sacrifice on the Things You Really Need

While it is smart to not spend beyond your means, there are times when you need to make specific upgrades to take your business to the next level. If the lack of a second rig or a faulty, old machine is holding you back, you need to purchase better equipment as soon as possible. Intech offers a 12-month financing program with 0% interest on select new equipment, including Graco spray machines. So, if you have had your eye on a Reactor 2 proportioner with the Insite App or other Graco spray equipment, this is an excellent time to get an upgrade.

Investing in technology like this enables you to be at two sites at once but keep track of the progress of all the machines compatible with your app. It also tracks performance so you can give your clients an accurate account of work performed while on the job. Do not settle for generic products that ultimately slow you down. Instead, keep results consistent with the latest Graco products.

Graco Spray Equipment and Machines At Intech Equipment & Supply

If you need high-quality Graco equipment now, take advantage of our financing options for 2020. Our handy financing calculator will help you understand your payment options for new or used Graco equipment.

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