Akurate Dynamics Spray Foam Hoses Are Perfect for Your Proportioner

Akurate Dynamics Spray Foam Hoses Are Perfect for Your Proportioner

Heated hoses are a vital piece among your SPF equipment. Both ISO and resin flow through these conduits to ultimately meet and produce spray foam insulation. The quality of your hoses makes a big difference in the viscosity and stability of these materials throughout the application process. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we deliver the best equipment for our clients. 

Akurate Dynamics recently created the Deltalite Heated Hose, an internally heated hose that has the potential to become a game changer in the spray foam industry. Unlike conventional heating elements, this hose keeps materials in direct contact with the heating element throughout its length. We believe this is an outstanding product that especially benefits contractors who consistently operate in cold climates.

Here is our product spotlight:

Akurate Dynamics: Company Spotlight

Akurate Dynamics LLC is a Texas-based business that was founded in 2011. This company is passionate about developing cutting-edge spray foam technology through rigorous research and engineering. They proudly manufacture all their products in the United States.

What Sets the Deltalite Heated Hose Apart?

The Deltalite heated hose differs from conventional heating elements in several ways:

  • Faster & More Responsive Heating: Unlike conventional heating elements, this hose heats materials from within, not merely insulating them as they are processed from an exterior heating element. This results in faster startups and rapid temperature adjustment. 
  • Diverse Temperature Settings: You can set different temperatures for the separate hoses that carry ISO and resin to meet their unique needs.
  • Segmented Series Heating: Hose sections automatically activate to only apply heat to sections that need it.
  • Compatibility with Various Spray Foam Machines: The Deltalite Heated Hose has a proportioner hose controller that allows contractors to use it with machines from various brands like Graco, PMC, and Gusmer.
  • Extreme Durability: These hoses are wrapped with a ballistic grade nylon cover.

Internal Heating Element

Current spray foam technology utilizes a heating element that’s outside of the hose.  Akurate Dynamics’s Deltalite Heated Hose differs in how it’s internally heated and has a heat trace wire that runs through its entire length.

This product ensures that your SPF materials stay the same temperature from the proportioner until it reaches the gun. This is especially useful when you’re applying spray foam in cold climates. Also, instead of maintaining the temperature achieved from conventional heating, you can heat the chemical within the hose. This results in more energy-efficient heating since heat doesn’t get lost through the hose’s walls. Internal heating also enables a faster startup and temperature adjustments compared to traditional methods. 

Separate Temperature Settings

The experienced SPF contractor knows that it’s nearly impossible to have the same viscosity when the ISO and resin are at the same temperature. This is why Akurate’s hose allows you to offset hose A and B’s temperatures internally to match their dynamic pressures. 

The best viscosity for ideal applications is only achieved when the chemical reaction is closer to the manufacturer’s specified yield. These hoses allow you to match the temperature requirements for both ISO and resin separately to get the best results. 

Series Heating

This product has up to four independent sections that have their own heat sensors. Each section uses a temperature sensor to automatically activate when needed.. For example, if a segment of the hose is indoors, , the heating element in that hose section will automatically turn off. , so it won’t overcook the chemicals.

Meanwhile, the rest of the hose that is outside on the snow can remain heated to keep the ISO and resin warm enough for peak viscosity.

Not only does this feature prevent a waste in energy, but it also protects the materials within the hose. With smart sensors, you don’t have to worry about cooking the chemicals, wasting valuable time and assets. 

Controllers That Are Compatible with Top Brand Proportioners

This product also pairs with a revolutionary  hose controller to make it compatible with proportioners of different brands. This special control box allows you to operate the hose on machines from various brands like Graco, PMC, and Gusmer. If you have any questions about this hose’s compatibility with your existing proportioners, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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