Best Manufacturers of Spray Foam Machines

SPF contractors depend on spray foam machines for their businesses to run smoothly. They pressurize and heat the materials and send them to the spray foam gun, where they meet to create SPF insulation. This reaction only happens when materials are pressurized and heated according to their specific requirements, which means that your spray foam machine needs to produce consistent results.

If your machine isn’t working correctly, it will affect the productivity of your business.  By selecting spray foam machines for sale from the best SPF equipment manufacturers, you can guarantee the best possible chance to have properly heated and pressurized materials every time.

Who Are the Best Manufacturers?

At Intech Equipment and supply, we stand by several trusted manufacturers for spray foam machines. Two of the best are Graco and PMC. Both companies have extensive experience in the spray foam industry and have ceaselessly worked toward higher innovations in all their products. Over the years, they have developed products to make the application of spray foam easier and faster. 


At Intech, we are one of the top distributors of Graco spray foam equipment in the nation. Graco has a reputation for being user-friendly, offering highly customizable equipment combinations to meet the unique needs of different spray foam contractors. 

Graco’s newest spray foam machines are equipped with cutting edge technology called Graco InSite, which informs operators about everything that is happening on the job. You can view reports on your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. Even when traveling, you can keep track of fleets at different locations.

Here is the information you can access instantaneously through Graco InSite:

  • The status of the machine, whether it is off, idling or spraying
  • The start and stop time
  • The spray pressure and temperature
  • Spray setpoints
  • The GPS location of each rig

Our customer support team is extremely familiar with Graco and knowledgeable about their products. Start a conversation with us today to find the best spray foam machine for your current output needs.

Here are a couple of our best sellers:

The Graco A-25 Reactor is an excellent entry-level air driven proportioner that applies up to 25 lbs of spray foam per minute. This is a reliable, affordable machine that is a favorite among new contractors. It’s also a nice add-on support unit to your existing stock of equipment.

  • The Graco Reactor 2 E30 Elite is one of our best selling mid-to-high output proportioners. This hydraulic machine can apply 30 lbs of spray foam per minute. It uses Graco’s InSite Reporting Technology to help contractors stay on top of the project at hand.

You can either buy Graco machines new or pick a used spray foam machine that still has years of use in it left. Ask us to find out more about the budget-friendly spray foam machines we have in stock. 

PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation)

PMC is another outstanding company that has extensive experience in the SPF industry. Their machines are top-notch and also pursue constant improvements in application and maintenance issues. They use real-world feedback to make improvements on the pain points that impact contractors, such as downtime.

Here are some of the features of their newer machines:

  • Pressure Balance Control System
  • Inlet Monitoring System
  • Count Down Shutoff
  • Digital Automatic Temperature Control

These features work together to keep your materials at the right temperature and pressure. If anything is amiss, the machine will shut down automatically or notify you immediately. As you can see, a little bit of automation can be a good thing, especially when it comes to maintaining that delicate equilibrium spray foam requires.

Here are a couple of top picks from our stock of PMC spray foam machines:

  • The PH-2 is the “most affordable hydraulic proportioner with horizontal pumps” in the industry. Hydraulic machines are known for their longevity and low-maintenance compared to air or electric proportioners, but are often associated with high-volume work. The PH-2 is a solution for small-scale contractors as it requires only 10 gallons of hydraulic Fluid and produces an average of 28 lbs of spray foam per minute.
  • The PHX-25 is another great machine from PMC that has a maximum output of 25 lbs per minute. It is great for residential jobs and medium-scale work. It boasts plenty of convenient features like point-to-point wiring for easy troubleshooting.

We can also match you with other PMC machines that boast convenient automated features to make the job easier. You can also get a used spray foam machine for sale from the PMC brand at a discount.

Machines from the Best Manufacturers at Intech

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we are proud to carry the best proportioners from trusted brands. Contact us to be matched with the best spray foam machines for your business.